About Us

UndocuAllies was founded by a group of concerned students in the Spring of 2017 to educate the Harvard community about the many issues affecting the undocumented community. Among the most urgent are 1) The threat of deportation affecting the parents of children who are undocumented, legal permanent residents or American citizens 2) Unequal access to higher education for undocumented students, 3) The rescinding of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and its implications for students, and 4) The threat to other immigrant groups, such as TPS recipients and unacompanied minors.

Their mission is to inform educational leaders at HGSE about the issues undocumented immigrants face, and prepare them to better address these challenges upon graduation as they come into contact with students who are undocumented or who belong to mixed status families (where at least one member of the family is undocumented). This website is also meant to serve as a collection of helpful resources for Harvard's immigrant community.

Read more about UndocuAllies' involvement with the Immigration Series on Self-Reliance & Solidarity and the work of our former Co-Presidents

To learn more or get involved, please email Andrea Le in the HGSE Office of Student Affairs.

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